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              Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Liyada Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.!

              China's textile machinery is on the road of independent innovation and upgrading

                     The steady growth of China's textile industry, from the textile power to the textile power, requires the service and support of the textile machinery industry. The textile industry needs to carry out technological transformation and independent brand building, which also provides space for development and service for the textile machinery industry.
                     Revitalization plan points out new directions for the textile machinery industry
                     If the "State Council's Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry" promulgated in 2006 clarified that the equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for all sectors of the national economy; then the textile industry adjustment and revitalization officially introduced in 2009. The Plan provides a market for the textile machinery industry and indicates the direction of development.
                     The "Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" not only clarified the objectives, but also put forward tasks, and also gave many support policies for the textile industry and equipment manufacturing industry, and increased support for fiscal, taxation and financial policies. For example, the textile and garment export tax rebate rate has increased from 14% to 15%, and some policy support has been given in taxation, finance, and loans.
                     From July 1st, 2009, it is necessary to import key parts and raw materials that are necessary for domestic enterprises to support the development of major technical equipment and products, and exempt from import duties and import value-added tax. This is also a great support for the development of textile machinery products and the improvement of the technical level of textile machinery products.

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