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              Manual truck (hydraulic truck) instructions for use

                     First, use
                     The manual hydraulic forklift is a high-lift loading and unloading and short-distance transport dual-purpose vehicle. It is especially suitable for flammable, explosive and fire-burning in the workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, goods and other places of the car due to the absence of sparks and electromagnetic fields. The loading and unloading of articles has the characteristics of stable lifting, flexible rotation and convenient operation. The universal wheel is equipped with brake transposition and reliable operation, which is an ideal tool for reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency and realizing loading and unloading.
                     Second, technical parameters
                     The main technical parameters of the manual hydraulic forklift are as follows:
                     80-200mm 65-185mm
                     Fork size:
                     W width: 460/520/550/685/840mm L length: 810/915/1070/1150/1220mm
                     Standard, low bed, frozen, stainless steel, corrosion resistant, brake, weighing and other models, a total of more than 50 types of specifications, can be used for different purposes, places of industry.
                     The automatic valve inside the hydraulic cylinder will automatically adjust the oil passage even if it is overloaded, and it is not easy to damage the fuselage structure.
                     Closed hydraulic cylinder, no oil leakage, rising, falling, neutral, three-stage control, easy to operate.
                     The high-tension steel plate is made to make the body light, heavy, durable and maintenance-free.
                     Third, the structure principle
                     The manual truck consists of a hydraulic system and a door frame.
                     The car uses a manual hydraulic jack, the hydraulic device, to boost the weight. Human push-pull carries heavy loads. The hydraulic unit is provided with a return valve. The fork is controlled by the foot pedal to reduce the speed of the fork and make the hydraulic system operate correctly and reliably.
                     The frame is welded by steel and has good rigidity and high strength. The rear wheel uses a universal wheel with brake device, which can be rotated freely and flexibly. The front and rear wheel bearings are mounted on the axle and the rotation is flexible. The wheels are nylon wheels, wear-resistant, durable and resistant to damage to the work floor.
                     During work: When lifting heavy objects, insert the fork under the heavy object, and if necessary, brake the rear wheel and pull the handle. The pressure roller presses the pump core, so that the oil in the pump cylinder enters the lower part of the piston cylinder, and the piston rod assembly is pushed upwards by a process, and the fork and the fork are lifted twice by the chain. Reciprocating the handle to lift the weight for lifting purposes. When the fork is raised to the required position, the pressure oil is vented back to the tank through the valve. Even if the handle is pulled, the fork will not rise any more to avoid damage to the machine. When carrying heavy objects, the human push (pull) forklift travels, allowing heavy objects to be transported from the ground to the ground to achieve transportation purposes. When unloading, step on the pedal and the return valve is opened. Under the weight and the weight of the fork, the working oil in the piston cylinder is returned to the tank through the return valve. When the piston rod set and the fork are lowered to the position, Remove heavy objects and pump the forks to achieve lifting and transport.
                     Fourth, use and maintenance
                     1. The ambient temperature of the manual hydraulic vehicle is -25 °C ~ 45 °C.
                     2. The oil should be filtered and kept at a sufficient amount of oil.
                     3. Before use, check whether the structures are normal, whether the joint parts are loose or not, and adjust the four laterally positioned steel balls to prevent the forks and the door frame from being jammed.
                     4. The forklift is designed for horizontal hard surface use. The cargo should be evenly stacked on the fork according to the load characteristic curve. The length of the cargo should not exceed 1000 mm, the width should not exceed 800 mm, and the load should be less than or equal to 400 mm. overload.
                     5. The cargo should be implemented slowly, the height of the fork should not be greater than 300 mm, the implementation distance should be as short as possible.
                     6. The cargo should be unloaded after the end of the operation, and heavy objects are not allowed to be parked on the fork plate for a long time.
                     7. When the cargo is lowered, the pedal of the oil return valve should be slowly stepped on to prevent the cargo from falling suddenly.
                     8. When the cargo is rapidly descending, the return valve cannot be suddenly closed. Because of the inertial acceleration when it is rapidly descending, such as the sudden closing of the return valve, it will generate a strong force and damage the parts and cargo.
                     9. Replace a set of seals and hydraulic oil every year.
                     10. If the hydraulic seal is too long or the frequency of use is too high, it will cause wear and aging to cause a decline. It is recommended that the user check whether the components are normal before use. Please contact us if symptoms occur.
                     11. It is strictly forbidden to put the fork on a fixed object during loading to prevent the roll from tipping.
                     12. If the forklift fails, stop using it immediately and contact us as soon as possible.

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